Inflatable Archery Range


The best mobile archery rental service experience in Utah.

Why you will love Playbox archery range rentals

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Our range is new for 2020 and has a clean and refined look that will give your event a approachable appeal.

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Our archery range is a good way to get everyone involved in an active, safe and challenging way.

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The range is difficult enough that you can't master it, but everyone will succeed and grow on their own.

Frequently asked questions

What space do you need for the inflatable archery range?

We require roughly a 20'x20' area to operate our inflatable archery range. It's a good idea to put our inflatable archery range in an area with a lot of traffic but a little bit of space. It's great at drawing your guests to a certain area :)

Can you operate indoors?

Yes! Many of our events on indoors our under canopies. Probably most! We love to work with whatever venue to have to achieve the best result - our inflatable is easier to move, runs less loud and fits in more areas and venues than most other inflatable entertainment options.

Does the inflatable archery rental include a host?

Yes! Depending on the event, Playbox will always provide a staff member on site or nearby to make sure your event and guests all have a good handle on our event entertainment offerings and things are going smoothly :)

What areas in Utah do you service?

We offer our entertainment options all over the country! That said we primarily service Utah, and more specifically areas within 2 hours of Salt Lake valley. Beyond that we charge a resonable fuel charge to reach you :)