Playbox Video Game Truck


The most well built, well designed and affordable mobile video game theater in the United States.

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Aesthetic, clean and durable with dozens of custom aluminum skin colors to choose from.

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Lightweight, commercial grade materials and trim.  Functional design allows 9 TV's in smaller space.

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Open layout means better airflow and a dynamic feel - with balanced weight distribution for better towing.


How much can I make?

Please call or email us for a free review of your market and a sample income statement. Your general guide starts at about 3 parties per month to break-even on all costs and to pay down a loan. Your potential goes up to about 40 parties per month and / or around 10 corporate events per month. ($1,000-$12,500 per month per unit)

How do I get financing?

We can refer you to lenders that have financed this business model before. The game truck business model has proven to be an extremely consistently safe business and getting a SBA loan is relatively a simple process that ussually only requires a small down payment of $6,000-10,000.

Why go with a Playbox unit?

We are confident the Playbox game trailer is the most well built and designed unit currently available. At present we are also pricing our unit very competatively. To learn more about the many design advantages of our unit please check out some of our videos.

Is any support or training provided?

Yes! Free training and ride-alongs are available in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. For a reasonable fee we also deliver anywhere in the United States and provide one week of training for operating your Playbox unit. Training videos and a comprehensive owners manual are also provided to prospective owners.

What are the costs of running this business?

Please call or email us for a free review of your market and a sample income statement. The most significant costs for this business are purchasing the unit / vehicle itself and the gasoline to travel to events. Our pricing model charges a gasoline fee to cover this cost on an event by event basis meaning your costs are very very low. Less than $1000/per month total including paying down your financing if you are operating yourself.

Is this a passive business? Can I hire employees?

Yes this business is VERY passive. We have run our business completely passive (full time manager/operator), owner operator and employees (you handle the schedule + some towing) and completely owner/operator (pick and choose the events you would like to run). All of these options are low comittment and stress. Your owners manual will provide an in depth guide on how to hire and pay employees for this business.

What's included?

A fully loaded unit with everything you need to get rolling. Please email us for a comprehensive list of what comes with the unit and the design/layout. In addition a brand/domain/website/promotional media will be provided free of charge if required.

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